When it comes to learning how to unhook your RV at a campsite, reading this blog will be worth its weight in gold. I don’t actually know what that means but what I’m trying to say is this blog post is full of value.

These tips might seem minor, but doing these things before unhooking your RV will save you time and frustration.

1. Make sure your electric, sewer, and water hoses reach before you unhook your RV

Before you get cozy and start unpacking, make sure everything friggin reaches.

As you’ll see in this episode if your utilities don’t reach you have 2 options once you’ve unhooked: 1) Hook your rig back up and move or 2) Don’t use the utility that doesn’t reach, which is silly.

Save yourself time and effort by taking 2 minutes to get your utility hoses and cords out, and eye the distance to the hookups before unhooking your RV.

2. Make Sure Your Utilities Work before Unhooking Your RV

Though rare, there have been a couple of times we’ve hooked up, and either our electricity or water wasn’t flowing. What a drag.

Once, we were already unhooked AND unpacked (ugh) so we had to reconnect and repack our trailer to move to a different site.

Don’t do that.

This made us grouchy and frustrated, which was not a fun way to start the camping trip. Make sure your utilities work before unhooking your RV.

3. Make sure you have enough room for slides, awnings, and stairs before Unhooking Your RV

This is probably our most common offender from when we first hit the road.

There were too many times we unhooked everything only to find we did not leave enough space for our slide to come all the way out. We’d decide to just “tough it out” instead of hooking up again, but man is it super annoying when you can’t use your full space, especially when you’re already living in a small rig.

You also want to make sure that your stairs can flip out on level ground and that you have enough space for your awning to come out before unhooking your RV.

One time in Florida we worked SO hard to get into a very tight spot (like, it took a good 45 mins) and then unhooked everything only to realize our stairs didn’t have enough room to flip down because of where the concrete slab was on the site. We were going to tough it out, but we couldn’t shut our door.

Don’t be like Beth and Court, check your stairs.

4. Β Level up…and down, and side to side

Like Cierra’s song…get it? It’s funny.

Here’s the thing about leveling – you can level front to back once you’re unhooked, no problem. You CANNOT level side to side once you’ve unhooked.

There are a lot of products you can use to assist with this – both checking your leveling situation and leveling yourself. Here are 2 of our most preferred – LevelMate Pro for helping us know how we need to level, and Anderson Leveling Blocks to actually level out our rig.

Being level is critical in order to avoid: being smacked in the face with your own cupboard doors, waking up with headaches, having your shower water pool in one corner, having your oil sit in only one side of your pan, and not ruining your fridge.

There are a lot of ways that being level will make your experience more pleasant.