We have been patiently researching our next RV home for quite some time. When we walked into the Alliance Paradigm 310RL on a random Saturday afternoon, we knew we had found “the one”. This rig has revolutionized our full-time RV living experience.

Let’s dive into the top 20 features that make the new Paradigm 310RL stand out from the rest, but first, let’s talk about the specs.


Alliance Paradigm 310RL Specs

Alliance Paradigm 310 RL Floorplan





12,243 lbs

Dry Weight

2,530 lbs

Hitch Weight

The Top 20 Features We Love About our New alliance paradigm 310RL

Tall Ceilings

The Paradigm 310RL is designed with tall ceilings, creating a spacious and open atmosphere that will make you forget you’re in an RV. With ample headroom, you won’t feel cramped or confined, allowing for a more comfortable living experience. I did a jumping jack as soon as we walked in this rig. There’s so much room for activity! Look how small Court looks in here 👇 eyes

Full Height Slides

Not only are the ceilings high, but the slides are too. That may seem like a given, but many RVs have short slides. We’re very small humans compared to most of the population clocking in at just 5’3 and 5’4 but even we had to duck our heads in the slide of our previous rig. Alliance heard RV owners when they said, “stop making slides so short!”

No Carpet

Cleaning has never been easier in the Paradigm 310RL, thanks to the absence of carpet. No more vacuuming the berber carpet that goes in many RVs – it seems to never come clean! Plus, it’s much easier to keep the floors clean and free from dirt and allergens, making it a great choice for those with allergies (🤚) or pets.

Flush Flooring

Most RVs that feature slides have an obnoxious lip that can trip you up or even a full step to get up onto the slide. Not in the Paradigm 310RL. With flush flooring and matching material, you can barely tell where the slides begin. Beautiful.

Residential Appliances

The Paradigm 310RL boasts residential appliances, including a Polar® Elite N20DC – 19 cu. ft. DC Compressor RV Refrigerator. We almost didn’t know what to do with all the space! But that’s not all – there’s also a full-sized oven that can fit a turkey, a residential-sized microwave, an undermounted residential sink, and overhead kitchen lighting 👏  With these high-quality appliances, you feel like you’re in an actual house! No more trying to cook Thanksgiving dinner on a 3-burner stove with an Easy Bake oven.

Built-In Ice Maker

So many people told us that a “must have” for them when they hit the road was an ice maker. While we missed being able to have ice readily available, we just couldn’t justify the additional 20 lbs, storage space, or price for having ice on hand. Now we don’t even have to think about it. Our Norcold Polare Elite has a built-in ice maker 😍  We don’t host parties, but if we did we’d never run out of ice. How fun!

📸 Photo credit: Alliance RV

Charging Outlets in all the right places

We, like most people these days, have dozens of electronics to keep plugged in or charged. Alliance understands this which is why the Paradigm 310RL comes equipped with more than a dozen charging outlets between standard plugs, USB, and lightning 3 ports. Whether charging our phones, laptops, cameras, or keeping our internet, security system, and water filtration plugged in, we’ve got easy access to outlets wherever we need them.

More Lighting Options

We used to have multiple light strips in our travel trailer that we installed to get the light where we needed it, to have options other than off and on, and to let us set a gentler vibe in our small space. Not anymore. In the Paradigm 310RL, we can set the perfect ambiance with a variety of lighting options. From bright task lighting for cooking or reading to soft mood lighting for relaxation, this RV has it all. Our favorite lighting features are the accent lights and the dimmable light switches throughout the RV.

Hidden Storage Everywhere

Storage is key with RV living. That’s why Alliance made use of every nook and cranny in the Paradigm 310RL. With hidden storage in the side tables of the sofa, in the dining chairs, in between the recliners, under the bed, in the top of the dresser, underneath the dresser, and even in the bedroom bench – this rig is loaded with storage! With cleverly designed spaces throughout the RV, we have plenty of room to store our essentials without cluttering up the living areas. This ensures that everything has a place and makes it easier to find what we need when we need it.

Entertainment center

In our first rig, we had a 32″ TV and no seating except for the bed. That meant that we were squinting to see captions and details of the screen across the room. Needless to say, our rig wasn’t exactly primed for movie nights with friends and family. Now we can watch all the things! 😍  With the Paradigm’s 50″ smart TV, recliner chairs, a sofa, and an electric fireplace to boot – we’ve got all we need to entertain and enjoy with our favorite people.

Fireplace with 5,100 BTU space Heater

And speaking of the fireplace – it isn’t just for ambiance. This fireplace is also a 5,100 BTU space heater that provides warmth and a welcoming atmosphere. Set the temperature or turn the heat off altogether – the fireplace provides a focal point in the living area and adds a touch of elegance to the space.

Soft-Closing Cupboards and Toilet Seat

Little luxuries make a big difference in the Paradigm 310RL. We’ve never known soft-closing cupboards and toilet seats but now we’ll never be the same. These features add a touch of elegance to our everyday life. No more slamming cupboards or loud toilet seat slams in the middle of the night (lookin’ at you, Court 👀 ). These soft-closing features ensure a quiet and smooth existence.

Skylight in the Shower

One features Court despised in our first RV was the lack of sunlight that our frosted skylight let into the bathroom. Dark bathroom no more! This clear skylight brings in natural light, creating a bright and airy atmosphere in the shower. It’s like showering under the open sky 😍 

residential-Sized Shower

Speaking of the shower – check out the size! No need to compromise comfort in the Paradigm 310RL. The full-size residential shower let’s you take a relaxing and comfortable shower with ample space and high-quality fixtures. Not to mention, there’s also a bench rated for 300 lbs. Whether you want to sit and relax or need to shave your legs, you’ve got everything you need to feel right at home.

Pull-Out Sofa Bed for guests

In our first rig, we didn’t have anywhere for guests to sleep. In fact, we didn’t even have anywhere for guests to even sit 😂 But now we can easily sleep guests thanks to the Paradigm 310RL’s pull-out sofa bed. During the day, it provides additional seating and at night, it easily transforms into a fairly comfortable bed for overnight guests. Now we can host friends or family without sacrificing comfort or space.

Pull out sofa in the Paradigm 310RL

Massive atrium Windows

Big windows were an absolute non-negotiable for us. No matter what type of RV we were going to get next, we knew it needed to have wide open windows and the Paradigm 310RL delivered on that! The massive atrium windows give panoramic views, let in plenty of natural light, and were designed to allow for a perfectly engineered cross breeze to keep us cool. Plus better filming, better bird watching, and better moods. Win-win-win.

Light Color Scheme

The light color scheme in the Paradigm 310RL creates a bright and airy atmosphere, making the space feel larger and more inviting. Our first rig had dark wood and it made it feel much more enclosed. Light colors reflect natural light, enhancing the overall brightness of the RV. This color scheme also gives a modern and clean look, adding to the overall aesthetic appeal of the interior.

Heated Tanks

We try to chase the sun and follow summer, but we don’t always hit the mark. When temps drop, RV living is a completely different game. Our first winter with a stint of below freezing temps left using a hair dryer on our black tank handles when they were frozen shut. The Paradigm 310RL puts a stop to that madness with thoughtfully designed heated tanks and heat ducts that go to the underbelly of the rig keeping your piping, tanks, and floors from freezing during the harshest of winter months.

Alliance Paradigm 310RL at night


Upgrading to the Alliance Paradigm 310RL was more than just an RV upgrade; it’s a lifestyle upgrade. With its 100 customer-driven features, this RV has transformed our full-time RV living experience. From its soft-close cupboards and full height slides to its residential appliances and quality materials, every detail has been thoughtfully designed to provide comfort, convenience, and style.