Is RV living a dream come true? Or can too much of a good thing make you immune to its magic?

We recently stayed at a beautiful KOA in South Carolina. The campground was tucked away in its own piece of paradise amidst a bustling little suburb. Once you drive through the barrier of trees separating it from the busy road, you’re instantly transported to a peaceful haven with bench swings overlooking a lake filled with wildlife, nearby walking trails that wrap around the wooded perimeter of the campground, and spacious campsites to enjoy.

Yesterday, we moved to another gorgeous park – arguably one of the top parks we’ve stayed at over the past 2.5 years. With 600 acres of sprawling trees, parks, trails, activities, and a well kept campground, it’s enough to impress anybody.

Once we unpacked, I decided to bundle up and go for a walk.

Typically when I go for walks I listen to music or a podcast, but today I wanted to be fully present and appreciate the nature surrounding us.

I walked the winding roads of this beautiful campground I described above, and instead of appreciating the beauty of our new location, all I could think about was how cold I was (it was 53℉). I know, I know, my Michigander self even said, “Girl, you’re crazy – this is like a warm spring day back home” 😂 I guess chasing the sun really changes a person’s weather tolerance 😉

Anyway, I thought to myself, “this is a good night to cozy in, make some popcorn and watch a movie 🍿”

RV living at a KOA

As I continued walking, I kept getting whiffs of campfires and started to hear pockets of laughter around me 🔥

To my left, I saw a group of people bundled up around the bonfire, laughing, talking, drinks in hand.

Another campsite to my right had a family outside playing frisbee while their dad was cooking dinner on their Blackstone griddle 🥓 🍔

“Ah, weekenders,” I thought to myself.

“Weekender” is a term used to lovingly describe the people who come camping only on the weekends. They roll in on Thursdays and Fridays and head out Sundays or Mondays. Sometimes they get a bad rep for being wild partiers and disturbing us full-time folk 😂

Then the question floated into my brain front and center: Have we stopped truly appreciating full-time RV living?

How we acclimated to RV living

I tried to think back to the last time we had a bonfire or cooked dinner outside 🤔 I couldn’t remember. I mean, I’d wanted to have a bonfire for the past couple of weeks but ultimately ended up feeling too tired and settling for binging Netflix instead.

When we first started this adventure 2.5 years ago, we couldn’t get enough of sitting outside around the bonfire, cooking outside, and going on adventures.

It seemed like we had boundless energy.

I then thought of something I was told as a kid, “fun things can’t happen all the time, or we won’t appreciate them.”




Holy shit. Have we acclimated to RV living, and now we don’t appreciate it?

I briefly started to panic, and then I paused.

Have we stopped appreciating the full-time RV lifestyle, or are we still burnt out from sprinting across the country the first 2.5 years of this lifestyle?

Or, is it a little bit of both?

Orlando, Florida (Dec 2020) Our first winter on the road

One of the coolest things I’ve ever learned in therapy is sometimes it’s not either or, it’s and.

And that’s what I think applies here.

We are still recovering from travel burnout, and we’ve become accustomed to the full-time RV lifestyle.

Crystal River, Florida (Nov 2020)

I felt a little sad realizing this but also smiled as I thought back on our memories from the beginning and the rush of untouchable excitement we felt 💜

Well…now what?

If ever I start to take anything for granted, my next step is making a plan to add intentional experiences back into my life that will revive my gratitude.

There’s room for bonfires, walks without headphones, AND watching Netflix.

Crystal River, Florida (Nov 2020)

The advice I got as a kid was pretty solid, and we’re at risk of losing appreciation for anything (or any lifestyle) if we don’t make an intentional effort to be grateful. Although I would make one small edit to the advice and say fun things can happen all the time…it’s just on us to appreciate them.

Wanna play along?

👉 Take a moment to pause this week during something you do routinely every day – maybe it’s drinking a cup of coffee, or driving to work – and think about what you’re grateful for in that moment or experience. 

Also, I encourage you to examine what’s missing that could bring you joy this week. 

Do you need to have a bonfire?
Do you need to go on a mini adventure?

Whatever you do this week, try your best to do it intentionally and with gratitude 😊 

We’ll be here rooting you on 😉