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Full-time RV Travel Couple

We’re an LGBTQ couple living, working, and traveling the U.S. in our 35-foot fifth wheel. Prior to full time RV living, we had zero experience with camping, hauling, or anything this life requires. But our desire to see the country and visit family, friends, and incredible towns across the nation outweighed our inexperience. In 4 short months, we sold our house and belongings, bought a truck and trailer, learned how to use them, and hit the road. Now we show others what this life has to offer.

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2.2% canadian views
1.4% UK views


50/50 male female audience



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LGBTQ+🏳️‍🌈 | MCAS 🧬  | travel 🗺️ 

If you’re looking to bring an element of inclusivity or travel to your brand, we may be the right fit! As full-time RV’ers, we get to see and experience a lot of beautiful places in the U.S. Our partnership rates are calculated through Social Blue Book using factors like follower count, engagement rate, and audience. The services listed below include creation time.

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Pricing above reflects one-time usage on social media platforms. If you’d like to use content we create for you beyond a single post, for example in your ads or your own social media content, please refer to rates below.

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Paid Partnerships

Word on the Street

Beth & Court are truly the definition of a perfect collaboration. They were so friendly and eager to accommodate our content creation needs here at Allegiant. They showed their genuine love for each other in their content, made it fun and engaging all the way through, and presented the Allegiant brand in a positive light. They were quick to respond and easy to work with throughout the editing process. These two have made my “rockstar list” and I absolutely plan on working with them again in the future.

Mary Miller

Content Marketing Specialist, Allegiant Travel Company

Beth and Court are a dream to work with. They take time to understand what’s important to us as a brand and then work collaboratively with us to help reach our goals. I can’t think of better brand ambassadors than them. You won’t go wrong in partnering with Beth and Court!

Sam Michie

COO, Social Blue Book

Working with Beth and Court was fantastic because it was so easy. They intuitively knew how to capture the viewers’ attention, and understood our requirements as a brand. Their energetic, engaging style coupled with terrific dialogue and editing resulted in a first-time delivery with no reshoot requests. Looking forward to our next project together.

Patrick Buchanan

Industry Liaison, RV LIFE Pro

I’ve had the honor to work with Beth and Court on a couple collabs. They bring joy, passion and creativity to every project. I admire their zest for life and their willingness to learn from every opportunity. Not only will you love working with them, but you will be inspired by who they are.

Meghan Synder

The Pour Room

Since the first time I met Beth and Court… they instantly felt like sunshine. Not only are they wonderful at what they do, but they are some of the best people around. They truly care to help and to listen to deliver an excellent experience. They make it fun and exciting and I love their content. I’m glad they do what they do and that they have been a part of my world!

Terra Bass

Owner, The Pour Room


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