Daily Vlog Course (2023)

Want to start your own daily vlog, but not sure where to start? We’ve got you! This course will walk you through ALL of the steps necessary to create, edit, and publish a daily vlog for your social media channels 😃👏

Not only do I (Court) walk you through each step verbally, I’ve recorded myself doing each step in real time so you can follow along visually. In addition to the course, I’ve included some great bonuses like:

👉 Extra tips and tricks when editing your vlog

👉 Social Media Best Practices cheat sheet for posting

👉 Font cheat sheet for your vlog captions

👉 Access to a private community where you can ask questions as you dive into the daily vlog world, and connect with others that are on the same journey 💜

We also share our 60-day metrics since starting our own daily vlog to help you better understand the results we’ve seen personally, and share why now more than ever is the time to hop on creating daily vlogs in 2023 (for any niche)!


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