Coming May 15, 2024

Easy RV Internet for Digital Nomads

A Mini-course to Get You Connected with No Tech Experience

Dropped calls, frozen screens, stalled uploads, panic. This is what life is without a reliable internet connection.

Nothing can be as frustrating, embarrassing, or sometimes fear-provoking as an internet connection that won’t hold steady on an important Zoom call or speeds that can’t support the upload of a critical piece of content for your job.

We went through 6 internet providers, thousands of dollars, and hours of troubleshooting before landing on an easy, reliable connection. We made this mini-course to save you the time, hassle, and headache we went through.

Tablet with a digital PDF from the Easy RV course laying on a desk near a laptop and coffee

Get online quickly.

Learn exactly what you need, and not what you don’t. Though some people may be interested in how the internet works, you’re simply interested in how to make it work for you. We get that.

  • Figure out your data and speed needs: Depending on the requirements of your job and your family’s lifestyle, you’ll need certain speeds and will use different amounts of data.
  • Find the right service for your needs: Traveling internet is much different than stationary internet. Learn (only) what you need to know about RV internet to get up and running.
  • Tips and tricks for the strongest connection/speed: We’ll skip the details you don’t care about and get right to the tips and tricks that can improve your internet performance.

Beth & Court

About Us.

We are the full-time RVers behind Easy RV Internet for Digital Nomads. We’ve been on the road for 3 and a half years and have a #1 organically ranking blog post on the topic of RV internet.

We have worked with 6 internet providers during our time on the road and have traveled to 27 states all while working 100% online with high data and speed needs. We’ve tested the internet far and wide and have learned a lot along the way that could help you.

We’re tired of RVers needing an IT department just to use the internet.

Woman sitting in a cafe with plants working on a laptop.
What You Need to Know

The Details

In under an hour, you’ll learn everything you need to get connected to the internet in your RV with no tech experience.

  • Get immediate access to a short video course, a PDF, and a cheat sheet of RV internet do’s and don’ts.
  • You’ll receive updates via email as we get closer.
  • Release Date: May 15, 2024
  • You’ll walk away confident that you can hit the road and still do your job with a solid internet connection.

Get Easy RV Internet for Digital Nomads

Pre-Sale Price: $19


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